Things I learned in Africa

Washing clothes by hand.

Making sauce without measuring anything.

Enjoying bissap.

Sleeping when I’m really hot.

Riding a bike in a skirt.

Tying a fular on my head.

Greeting people in Mooré.


Sleeping through roosters, pigs, mules, sheep, goats.

Using a pit latrine.

Preparing malaria slides.

The french keyboard (the @ was tricky).

Cutting in line at the post office because there is no line. 

The southern sky.

Tying a pagne.

Making make “to.”

Dancing in church.

Pumping water.

Making peanut butter.

Loving the BBC.

Painting with car paint on the wall.

Burkinabe names.

Tolerating geckos in my room.

Sweeping the ground in the courtyard.


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