My Letters Mailing Address (LETTERS ONLY to this address. Everything else to my other address):

Kathryn Siuniak
B.P. 27
Zorgho, Burkina Faso

My Everything Else Mailing Address:

Kathryn Siuniak, PCV
S/c Corps de la Paix
01 B.P. 6031
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso

Some notes I’ve read from other volunteers.

  1. Write my address in red ink.  It looks more official.
  2. Write religious symbols on it.
  3. Picking up packages (not letters!!) can be expensive, so if they ask you what is in it, say educational materials.  Also, just don’t send anything super valuable.  It might not make it.
  4. Number the letter you write me.  First letter you sent?  Put a 1 on the top.  Second?  Put a 2 on it.  It’ll help me know if I missed a letter you sent or if they arrived out of order.
  5. Be patient!
  6. Postcards should be sent in envelopes.  Otherwise, they could end up posted on the post office wall.

Finally, some official notes from Peace Corps.

The postal system in Burkina Faso is reliable by African standards. Few Volunteers report problems with receiving letters and packages sent from the United States by airmail. Airmail  letters and packages typically take three to four weeks to arrive, but can take longer if there are mail strikes or other disruptions. Please share this information with family and friends; it will spare them many frustrations about delayed packages. Surface mail is not currently available from the United States to Burkina Faso (and even when it was, it took six months or longer). Internal mail service is, for the most part, reliable, and mail is delivered within a reasonable amount of time (a few days to two weeks from one part of the country to another). Essential documents are best sent via a courier service such as DHL. Please note, however, that items sent via courier service, such as DHL, or packages sent via the post will incur customs fees, which will need to be paid on the Burkina side before receiving the package. These customs fees may run anywhere between the equivalent of $1 (for a small package through the post) to $100 (for a valuable/large package through DHL). Peace Corps will usually pay these fees up front and deduct the fees from your living allowance.

You can choose to receive mail at the Peace Corps office or at your site. Most Volunteers obtain a local post box once they know their assignment. During pre-service training, you will receive mail in care of the Peace Corps office, which will forward mail to the training site once a week.


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