Am I a Butterfly Dreaming I Am a Human

June 7, 2011 at 6:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So one thing that is pretty tricky about being in Peace Corps: keeping up on life that happens outside of village. While the rumor mill grinds really big news to even the most distant of volunteers, and BBC does a terrific job with international news, there is a gap.

And that’s where Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me comes in.

Since the electricity arrived, I have been ble to charge my iPod when I want. And that’s a lot. Grading papers, cooking, cleaning; all of it is made more interesting by a little humorous background noise. I listen to podcasts about ten times more than music because I like the English.

Choices abound for podcasts. Why Wait Wait? Because it keeps me informed about the news that BBC and the rumor mill miss.

Like that guy jumped out of a plane when he quit? Thank you Wait Wait.

Crazy snow storms, sideways comments on Brett Favre, and weird Mo Rocca mumbling. Thank you Wait Wait.

And in regards to the 23 April episode, livestock on public transport is not that great, and chickens outside your door are really annoying when you try to nap.

If you don’t know, or haven’t listened I highly recommend it. But maybe not on public transport. People look at you weird when you are laughing to yourself. And when my neighbors see me with my headphones, they ask if I am listening to music. I have found it is easier to say yes than try to define or explain Wait Wait. If I use my mini-fm transmitter to my radio, my neighbors pick it up too and think it’s BBC. It’s so not.

So hear is my formal request.

Dear cast of Wait Wait,

I may not hear the show the week it airs, but I will be super excited to hear my name read out as the listener that the famous guest is playing for on Not My Job. It will be terrific to come home after service to a new voicemail recording. And know that somewhere in the recent future, you will make a volunteer really happy. Mam souri na yaa noog wusgo! My heart will be very happy!

Kathryn Siuniak


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