I live in Village-Deux-Mille

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So the ritzy part of Ouaga is called Ouaga Deux Mille (2000). Here is my story how my quartier was transformed and earned the nickname village deux mille.

One very hot Thursday afternoon, I was in my French tutoring session with one of the ladies in my courtyard. She is the French teacher and very patient so that makes her a terrific tutor.

Anyway we going over adjective placement when my tantie (who is a nurse at the health clinic) came buzzing in on her moto. She mentioned that she had seen the electic company come through in the morning. Our village had been hooked up to the grid since mid February but not my house.

About fifteen minutes later we heard a car door slam. Which you would be surprised how much a car door sticks out in village. So we both dropped our pens, and stopped.

“Kathryn you think that is the electic guys?”
“I don’t know. Do you think it is?”
“I don’t know. You want to go check?”

So we go out onto the griddle of a porch and watch our courtyard door swing open. The words were clearly marked on the car. We would be getting electricity today inshallah!

The man installed our counters, and they asked for my initials. Tantie replied SC. So people say their last names first so the S was ok. But people cannot wrap their minds around the bizarre spelling. I just accept it. I am used to spelling snafus with my last name, but with my first name that is something new.

My landlord (the mayor’s quite identical brother) explained how we would pay our bills and the like. In mooré. So after the crew cleared out I got the playback and was itching to flip the switch.

They didn’t just talk about billing cycles. Turns out that the shed for the counters was not near the wires that lead to our house. So unless they could find some kids to rebury the line we would be tantalizingly close to electicity.

It was marché which only added to the party feel. I went to marché, visited my rem (dolo, chapalo, aka local beer) friends and did the rounds with my friend Simone. When we got back there was the reassuring shush-shush of dirt being dug!

Quite soon after that they hooked up my house to electricity. I immediately started charging my iPod.

I stayed up late listening to music and smiling at how bizarre my house felt being well lit at night.



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