The Pintade Flies Anyway

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Hey I know it has been a really long time, but get ready for it to be a long break. 

I got my site a few weeks ago, and last week I was visiting there.  My site is near Ouaga, but there is no electricity there, let alone internet.  And when I go to site for real in early September I will be at site for three months.  So start sending those mail letters!  If somebody is passing through my village, I can get mail from sent from the US. 

So my site!  It is very rural and pretty small.  I am just off the goudrone; which is any paved road.  And there arent many of them.  Thankfully, the ones that are paved are paved really well so it does not take a very long time to get to site.  Headed there it took about 4 hours by way of bush taxi.  My first bush taxi experience was seamless, though crowded.  It is a big Toyota van with extra seats along the back in the trunk, and little removable benches so people can sit in the aisle as it fills up.  You would be surprised how many people can fit in / on it.  On the way back to Ouaga, we had 30 people traveling in the taxi brousse. 

My site is mostly farmers and they grow millet, maize, and some beans.  Because it is summer, the most of the people who do not farm are in cities looking for work.  Therefore it was quiet.  Except the animals.  Donkeys have quite a set of lungs on them. 

And now to the title of my post.   The pintade flies anyway.  They are these really neat birds that are used like chickens.  They are pretty big and their wings are small and they havfe faces painted like the Joker.  And they sleep in trees.  You would totally not expect that they fly.  But they do.  I like sitting outside ly courtyard at night and watching them all take flight into the trees for bedtime. 

I think I am going to be teaching 9 hours a week.  I know what you are thinking.  Kathryn, that is less than I worked while I was a full time student!  Perhaps on paper, but any person who has taught knows that lesson planning is no laughing matter.  I am realizing that now as I prepare for my first lesson of model school on Monday.  Also, the french thing is a lot of work.  And the entire process of becoming bien integrè is a lot of work.  So fear not, I will be busy enough. 

I really like it here, and as per usual I am running out of time on the internet.  I will leave you with a few notes on my second host family.  They are super nice.  My host dad took me to the school to meet up to celebrate another stagaiars birthday so I would not have to be alone.  My host mom is teaching me how to cook.  We even have MTV here.  Watching Runs House dubbed in french is pretty silly.  And Sara is my roommate and she is pretty nice.   I lucked out on the roommate draw! 

All in all, I cant believe how long I have been here.  It has been flying. 

Dont forget to write!!!


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