Last Day of Undergrad

April 20, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Predeparture | Leave a comment

Today is my last day of class.  Weird…

I see all those high school seniors on the buses with their parents getting one last tour of campus before they sign up for classes and move in.  It’s strange to think that 4 years ago that was me.  And still a bit surprised I have masted said bus system.

In the way of Peace Corps, nothing really new is happening.  Just trying to not get too stressed out at the thought of leaving for 27 months.

Cheers!  And Go Blue.


2 Months…

April 7, 2010 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Predeparture | 3 Comments

Whoa.  2 months.  This is crazy.  I had to update my PC password because the old one expired.  Happy anniversary, I guess.  One year later, I’m trying to figure out if I really need to bring that extra mosquito net, price hunting durable sandals, and wrapping my mind around packing 80 lbs and 2 years worth of life in 2 little packages.

In other news, classes end soon, then graduation.  The graduation speaker:  The president.  Of the United States of America.  Sorta like my future really-very-far-off boss will be talking to me and the mass of graduates.  Pretty neat.


PS – Christ vuuga mè ; sid sida, Christ vuuga minga!  (Christ is risen!  Indeed he is risen!  in Moore  🙂

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